Monday, November 22, 2010

Off-season Weekend!

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Kris and I love to be outside; so as we move from the triathlon season into “rebuilding” not much has changed other than the surface. We are remaining active by hitting the trails and playing in the dirt. Kris spends so a lot of time with me on the roads; it is his turn to do what he enjoys. Saturday was blast with Allen and Sarah; her first time on a MTB in many years. It was great fun and confirmed I am not a beginner anymore; I moved up a very small step. YIPPEE! Sarah did great of course; being the amazing cyclist that she is on the road the trails were no problem. We even let the boys go play in the more advanced area while we just hung out in the woods. Only crash was me, big surprise, we hit a large rocky stream crossing; and person in front hit their brakes; I hit my brakes but of course I go down HARD. My knee pads, elbow pads and helmet are worth every penny. That was the only fall of the weekend! The only lingering effects is some whiplash from my head hitting the rock. OUCH! Sunday was up ready for more; this time to Chicopee! Some awesome trails; except 2 straight days on a hard tail makes for a sore back. The last couple miles, I was having discussion with every root jostling me all over the place. At the end, a blast was had and ready for the next ride. For everyone out there who had a long season; stay active but keep it fun!

A picture of me getting all my gear on with a comment from a guy, “Hey your the girl with the pink pads at Yargo yesterday!” Yes that is me, and I will wear as much protection as possible to keep me safe. I am way to klutzy not to have protection.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Miss you....

I am back; as most engineers I have a problem with writing and posting something unless it is perfect. Trying to let that go; I will blog again. I have met so many people the past year and move this is a great way to keep friends and family up on my new adventure in Atlanta, GA with Kris.

The Florida race report is coming... but I have to say thanks again to Erin Baker's for all the awesome support this crazy season; Kestrel, awesome bike that feels as an extension of my body; Todd for getting me setup on it; Speedfil, safest way for me to get fluids; Blueseventy, a wetsuit that allows me to swim as a swimmer; Nuun, I live on these in the summer; Sugoi, love the tri outfit. Last my coach deserves a huge shutout for putting up with the obstacles I encounter and helping me find a detour to get to a destination. It was a great year and being on a team is a wonderful experience to meet new people and cheer for throughout the year!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 Gap in Dahlonega, Georgia

For my last long weekend before taper, I was privileged enough to ride in North Georgia gaps.  I love riding the gaps, this is where I learned to ride longer hills; training for Lake Placid.  Not only did I learn how to go up the hill but also down the hills; which now I am able to decend the hills hitting 50+ mph.   I love this 2 gap loop, we start at about mile 5 and start to climb.  It is a great route and we did the loop twice on Saturday.  After a short swim, heading up to Dahlonega, GA it was apparent we had a perfect day for the ride; the trees, flowers had signs of spring everywhere and many allergins but that is another issue.  I was just enjoying the drive; as we got closer I started to get butterflies in my stomach for the excitemetn of this type of ride.  I know how hard of a ride it is and my hill climbing is not where I was last year.
We get there and the weather was cool but warm to be comfortable with arm warmers for the fast decents but pulled down for the climbs... perfect.  We start out, uphill the long...  Within 3 miles, a group of 4 guys pass me; I hate that and want to stay with them but Kris drops a bottle so we get the bottle and lose the boys.  Hinesight, that was probably the right thing to do, i was not even warmed up.  So we climb
Neals as a warm-up, then the fast desent.  My legs had started to wake-up, left turn time for hog pen.  My last memory of wolf pen had a few choice words flowing from me for a few miles.  (It was the 7th of 8 gaps of a 105 mile ride that day, legs hated me.)  I hoped we could mend the friendship; and we did.  I started the climb and Kris told me to stay out of my granie gear and suck it up.  Arrgghh... This is the first lap; I need to do it twice, his did not listen to me and encouraged me to push up the hill.  So i did, it was not that bad.  The top came much quicker and did not seem as steep.  I think excellent, but lets see the 2nd time.  After wolf pen, are a bunch of rollers which i love ;but they could really cook you if you are not careful.  Felt great through the rollers and up Woody's... now for the fun decent... can i see 50? no not quite but still I think i used the breaks only a handful of times.  Improvement... Ah down the hill and over to Turner's corner, more rollers nothing terrible but do take something out of you. 

Back at car...I think we did that lap 10 minutes faster than any time last year.

Great, more water and go for round 2.  The long ~8 mile climb up Neal's goes well, starting to feel fatigue and practicing standing and sitting on the climb.  Legs are talking back; i am not listening.  Just keep on peddling.  Wolf pen, can i do it without having a fight with the hill.  We start up the hill, humm do i feel a few rain drops.  It looks like rain... there is a chance.  Just keep going, no rain but we round a corner and head wind.  So not only do i have a tough climb but a strong head wind.  Oh well, it will make me stronger, legs disagree but i tell them to go.  so i sprint for the sign with what i have left.  One more gap.  The rollers where brutel but the amazing thing is my legs recovered and i was having fun on them and the last gap was done before i knew it and we were desending.  I did great this time; the only scary part was I was down the hill looked back no Kris.  Crap what happen, so I wait a few minutes then turn to start climbing to find out if something happen.  Then I see him flying down the hill; he lost a bottle and went back for it.  Scared me, but all is well.  The last rollers were fun but my legs were not excited about the 6 mile run.

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The run... not many places to run so I run out and back where we bike, not easy run at all.  The first mile, Kris is saying he is counting every 10th mile... The leg come around, hip is loosening up but where do we turnaround our watches are off by .4 mile.  hum not sure how that happens so we split the difference for the turnaround.  On the last 3 miles, I hear Kris breathing hard means I am making him work a little...  my legs running legs felt great and after that tough ride.  Yippee!

The final for the day we sprint for the county sign... Darn you Kris and your fast twitch muscles. 

There are a few smart things that we did the night before knowing we would be tired, made a small picknic for right after the training since we have a long drive home and we had dinner that needed just heat up for a fast easy meal before crashing. | View 3 Gap in Dahlonega, Georgia

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Powerman Alabama Race Weekend

The weekend was great to race again.  It was a great combination for Kris and I; since he is happier on a mountain bike and trails and I am dangerous on the trails when I try to go fast.  I had my road race and he had his Xterra.  Yippee! 

Saturday morning, we woke up about 6:30 AM and at a relaxing pace readied ourselves for the day at the park.  (Kris's race was not until 1:00 PM)   We had breakfast, of course, I had all my food prepared for the weekend that I brought from home.   Yes, I prepared 2 - dinners, 2 - breakfast, lunch and snacks for the weekend to assure that I do not ingest MSG, BHT or gluten before a race.  We leave for the park planning that we will be away the entire day at the park. 

We get to the part and prepare the mountain bikes for Kris to do his preride on the trail.  The only other time he has ridden the course was 2 years ago and it was the other direction.  So we road about an hour on the course, so he knew the first part of the trail.  I wanted to do the race; I was so close to signing up to do the race but decided it was best for me to just volunteer like i had planned.  We finished up that ride and I did my ride on Connie for one lap of the bike course and some running.  Then off to my volunteer spot on the MTB course keeping a crossing safe.  Standing for 3.5 hours; hum maybe not the best thing to do prerace but it is import to give back to the sport.  It was great because I was able to see Kris on the course; he was 3rd overall at this point and held that position for the remaining of the race.   Congrats Kris.

He was pretty tired after the race so I helped with getting his stuff together and getting the bikes on the car.  We were both pretty tired; he obviously more but I was feeling pretty tired.  I made dinner that night with the food I had brought and we were in bed by 9:30.  Just as I am failing asleep my phone rings; work is having issues.  AUGH, why does this always happen.  So I am able to provide guidance and ask if there is no progress to call be back in an hour.  Anyway, I was called multiple times during the night so a good night rest was not possible. 

Race morning, 5:30 AM alarm, eat, dress, load gear get to park at 7:00, when transition opens.  It is raining and winding and cold.  I go to get my transition setup and complete.  At 8:00, I begin my warm-up 50 minutes before the race start.  I get back to transition/start line from my warm-up at about 8:40 and I am told the race started.  What?!?!  So no prerace gel, just remove warm-up and go.  So I ran my first 10K pissed.  I am certain that I ran a PR 10K on that course, caught and passed many people; into T1... time to laugh... I started my transition with my bike shoes but for some reason; I realized I always do my helmet first.  so i removed my shoes and started again.  I do not know why, just did it.  But on to my bike, hilly course, and windy but everyone has the same conditions so go.  I knew I was catching the front girls because it was 3 laps with out and backs.  On the 3rd lap, i just caught the 1st place girl and I dropped my chain.  D*$#, that was about mile 28 of the 36 miles.  Well this put me in a funk, and struggled the rest of the race getting back into the race.  About mile 32, it started to rain hard felt like hail... I was already cold and that just added to the chill... off the bike.  OUCH my knee, Okay do i call it a day or continue but stay controlled because of the knee.  Okay, i know i am in 2nd i will continue and stay controlled.  It is puring down rain, out of T2 and up a hill, as I am going down a hill after about 1 mile, my shoe is really loose and ready to come off.  I stop and look down my yanks broke.  So, calm relax and figure out how to resolve it.  Good thing I am an engineer.  Do i just go back to and stop???  No continue, you are still in 2nd place.  So after that hurdle I run very controlled.  not to hard because the knee is sore and I do not want any more damage to an existing injury.  About 2 miles the rain slows and eventually stops...great!  I am starting to warmup.  About mile 4, i feel like i can run.  so I run harder the last 2 miles.  I want this race to be over, my legs are tired and my breathing is more labored than normal (allergies) and I feel frustrated.  I finish and never caught the 1st girl again; then I find out I was out of first by 23 seconds...   I did not stop but I know the few mishaps, impacted my attitude during the race.

What did I learn...
1.  I can drop a chain and not have a crash!  Progress
2.  Never give up, no mater what happens you do not know what is going on in front or behind you.
3.  Must work on the transitions. 
4.  Need more outside training, trainer is great but nothing can substitute riding outside.
5.  I love to racing and always learn something from every race.
6.  Need my speedfill, I am not good at getting my water bottles from my cages. 
7.  Can run fast on the first segment and still ride strong felt better the long i was out there on the bike.  (I was riding strong but lost about 2.5 minutes on the chain.) 
8.  I have a great friends out there cheering for me.  I could not do this without Kris and Kathleen!

Thanks to Team Magic for a great race, but need to get the communication out better to the competitors if you are going to start early.  I am the type that plans everything; my plan was based on an 8:50 start not 8:40 start.

Time for 2010 season!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Has it been a month?

Wow, where did March go?  I am so guilty of not blogging; but a lot has happened since Feb. 24th. 

Kris and I got engaged.  Since we live in 2 different timezones; we need to start thinking about the future maybe getting us into the same timezone.  Lots more to come on that topic.  Plus a wedding...

I ran a 10K and was the fastest old person; I won the 35-39 female age group.  Wow, those top 5 girls are fast.  I just do not have it in me to run that fast; for instance I ran the 10K at a faster pace than a 5K a month earlier.  Yes there are MANY factors but still; i just can not run fast just strong longer.  Must work on getting the strong run faster.  :)  Unfortunately, during that 10K I rolled an ankle; BIG SURPRISE and ended up with a hurt knee.  So a few weeks of no, to easy running again.  But is doing better everyday with a run today so decided to race Powerman. 

Because of the hurt knee, I was lucky enough to get to swim and swim and swim.  So, the swimming is coming along nicely.  It will not help much for this weekend, a duathlon.  I am not sure why i take out my best event in the multi-sport and try to race it.  I know... to have fun and practice my transitions; since I usually get a manicure and pedicure during T1 and T2. 

I am looking forward to some spring weather; hoping the in like a lion out like a lamb in March is true.  My dishwasher is looking like spring and increase training...full of water bottles.  Bring on some warmth.

Comment from someone at work the other day that I have pondered --- "Why do you always eat so healthy; your already lean?"  Why is eating healthy viewed as way to be thin, can we just like to eat that way and know it is better lifestyle?   Sorry i am not eating the 5lb bag of M&Ms. 

Lastly, Shelby and Thomas have a great race this weekend in California.  I will be cheering for you from TN!  Also, all the Dynamo peeps doing California best of luck to you!   Have fun out there!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Feet!

I hope to have happy feel tomorrow for my run.  My Valentines present of my Asics nimbus- like running on clouds plus I received my new inserts for them today!  All remember to replace you shoes before injury; I was right on the edge of the life of my shoes and my knee and feet had started to remind me it is time to replace .... but better to  replace before body starts to give hints. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello Sunshine

Hi Sunshine... it was so nice for you to come and stay so many of us could bike today.  The first time outside in many weeks for most.  I realized it was since September since I road on the trace; so Kris and I headed there for the morning.  The trace is great training no stop signs or turns and it is constantly up and down but nothing terrible.  I love it, most of the time the motorist are forgiving to the cyclist.  Today, they had to just understand the 100s of cyclist out was because of the fabulous weather.  It was great hearing the birds chirp and seeing multiple wildlife enjoying the weather also. 

It was a good long ride, the longest of 2010!  The lesson for today (and yesterday) is around food.  I seem to be having a hard time not feeling ill effects of not enough fuel.  Today, yes the sun was shinning but since I had to start so early I had 4 layers on and gloves, that would be gone later; I had a hard time getting to my food in my jersey.  So I had a difficult time eating because when it is cold liquid calories are also hard to take.  I was okay but could tell I was low on calories on my last few tempo efforts; then the brick run and I realize 2 miles into it; I was definitely bonking. Fortunately, it was short 3.5 mile.  How do you eat with all the layers? 

The best part about the run was my valentine's gift!  Yes, a new pair of running shoes, pink of course and my feet love them!  Nothing like putting on a new pair of shoes.  Thanks Kris, you know what makes me smile.  (Along with the yummy German Chocolates and Swarovski crystal flowers they make me smile, too.)  I like it when you travel around Valentines day!

I hope the Nashville cycling community enjoyed to weather today and cherished being out on your as much as I did!  Now to some food and Olympics.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Long Run

My long run was gorgeous with light snow.   I tried something different; I did not eat before my run so I started on empty and decided to eat my gel at about 5 miles.  I usually do not take a gel until much later in the run.  It worked; I did not have any issues with taking it a little early and I seemed to have a stronger run toward the end of the run.  Have to keep expermenting for stronger finishes. 

On the swim front, I did not realize how terrible I am.  Ashley filmed me and my body is all over the water; I wiggle, wiggle through the water... my head that moves up and down; my body does the same.  I tried to hold my head down and still; wow the body did not move.  Just one more thing to think about; holding my head down and still.  AUGH. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

TT Bike & Farlek Run

Run felt good to loosen the legs after the bike TT.  The farleks were a tougher than normal but I am sure the TT has something to do with it. 

The bike TT... very hard to do alone.  My watts dropped the last 5 minutes; i tried but was not able to hold so they dropped.  No worries, just something I need to focus on in the future.  I will do better next time.  Positive, I was higher than where I was at this point last year.  Good news. 

Swim tomorrow, then an evening off to ready for a weekend of work (have to work this weekend for a system install.) and training. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Swimming Check; Lift delay

No lift for today; my challange for this week has been flexibility.  I will hopefully can get it in on Friday plus a swim on Friday because my swim was cancelled due to weather. 

It was so great swimming with Excel tonight; our swim did not tickle tonight.  It was fun splitting the lane with Jerry; sorry if I hit you a few times particularly on the butterfly.  My swim was tough and I think Ashley made it harder on me by adding fly.  I can not lift my arms and tomorrow i have a bike TT plus still have some fatigue from last weekend and lifting; HELLO training and I love it.

For a fun set
400, 300, 200, 100
2x25 fly
4x25 fly
200, 100
6x25 fly

Those last 8 - 25s were tough; focus on technique and moving hips to even be able to complete them.

Time to rest for a morning bike TT.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Food Prep for the Week

I spent the evening preparing food for the busy week.  My goal for the week is to eat as little processed food as possible including not buying the bagged lettuce, baby carrots, sliced cheese, making my own salad dressings, etc.  It is challanging with work and training; but want to reduce preservatives and I think it will save some $$.  (Since I have planned a few high cost races this year; some savings is a plus.)  I realize how easy it is to really make food that I have a habit of buying with a little plannying for example; over the past couple weeks, my latest obsession has been making homemade hummus.  Many different kinds, sun-dried tomato, roasted red pepper, jalapeno (Kris likes hot food.) plus avocados are on sale so I made some guacamole this week.  Yum, a great condiment for any carb. 

Some ways to make it easier for the week:
1. Peal and cut carrots
2. Slice & chop celery, peppers, onions, broccoli
3. Cube and slice cheese into serving size
4. Grill extra chicken breast
5. Cook extra servings of rice.  (Also have left over polenta from last night.)
6. Prepare & mix different lettuce & spinach for side salads at lunch for the next couple days.
7. Prepare water bottle with Hammer Recoverite, just add water for after training.
8. Seperate vitamins for each day.  This helps me remember if I have taken the vitamin and saves time in the morning.
9. Mix plain low-fat yogart with frozen berries in individual cups.
10. Prepare oatmeal add cinnamon and raisins for breakfast at work.
11. Put dips in serving size containers for a quick snack

Monday, February 8, 2010

5K and Hockey!

Coach had a local 5K planned for me on Saturday.  I felt eager to go run something and prove to myself the fitness is coming back, slowly.  The weather was not promising but Kris decided he wanted to run it.  (A.K.A. he wanted to go to the hockey game that was included with the race entry.  What do you expect with a Canadian?)   The weather was a cold, windy day in Nashville but something you could dress for easily.  So we had a little coffee and almond butter, gluten-free homemade toast, and off to downtown.  We registered and claimed our hockey tickets; and of course Kris is going to pay $10 extra for lower bowl tickets; then he was picky on where we sat.  He wanted more center ice; I am okay with it.  Just come on, if I am going to do this thing I need to warm-up a little.  So off to warm-up and remove some of the outer layers of cloths; OMG it was cold.  Added a layer back, okay it is only a 5K if I heat up it is short.  Reminder next time; more of a warm-up.  I maybe ran 1.5 mile; not enough for a 5K for me.  Heck, I am certain I was never warmed-up.  Not my best and not my worst, actually I have ran faster off the bike but it is early season and I am about where I am expecting myself after all the time off with illness and holiday!   Kris also had the same feelings about his race; he did well 1st in age group and I was 2nd in my age group.  Congrats to all you fast girls out there.  Then those little conversations in your head, I wish I new how to run a 5K well, what do I need to do; Kris told me turn off the brain. Just not going to happen; I am an engineer.  I analyze everything; turning off the brain is not possible.  (That is why I like ironman; i get to analyze all day long!)

After the run, we were walking to the car and Country Music Hall of Fame was free for the day.  Well, never been there; we decided to go walk around for a while to loosen the legs and get warm.  It was interesting; and I learned about country music history.  I enjoyed looking at some of the outfits including the boots; even back then clothes were extravagant.  It was fun but I had to get to my trainer ride if I was going to complete it so we could go to the hockey game. 

So no talking Kris into a 2.5 - 3 hour trainer ride; so I got on it with the 1st hour keeping it light and enjoy the real video from Kona on the computrainer.  (Trying to have warm thoughts to warm up!)  Then about 1.5 into the ride; the tempo efforts on my flat course.  I love the tempo efforts they made the next hour fly by; except the last minute of each of the efforts.  (Meanwhile, Kris worked on the honey-do list; so it was a win-win.)  

The hokey game was great, we had seats 7 rows off the ice and mid-ice to the side that the Predetors would be for 2 of 3 periods.  I do not understand why the competitors fight; but I guess when you are in close contact with someone constantly it could bother you and need to throw a punch.  I guess sort of like and ironman swim start; we do not intend to hit anyone but if someone is constantly hitting me or grabbing me; I will kick harder or swim much wider.  Maybe it is just human nature; I just find it funny when they will fight in the middle of the game and referees just stand and watch.  We enjoyed the game but decided that it was time to go home after the game; it was a fun filled day and we needed rest.  Then work called; another late night but had a great Saturday and coach thanks for the 5K.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Update

Sorry been away so long, no excuse except the usual work, training, and life…

On the training front, CONSISTENCY & PACIENCE…. The words for this month; The training has been consistent with a little speed and power thrown in. My body is adjusting again to the training volume and is feeling stronger everyday. I even decided to start some hot yoga again. It helped me prepare for Kona last year and I will be doing more of it again to prepare for my early season races. The training challenge here (Nashville & Atlanta) is the weather. If you live in the south, I hope you have learned to train indoors this year. The winter weather this year has made me pull out some of my sweaters from Ohio, that is not suppose to happen in the south. At least for training I am one of the few persons who can enjoy indoor bike training. (The falling habit could be the reason.) Really, all my riding is indoors on a trainer this winder but good news is I have a computrainer, spinervals and a coach that gives me specific workout to follow. The computrainer is nice because it gives me power measurement to better track my effort other than HR. Spinervals are nice to use to help with training intervals/technique and coach gives me workouts. So I do not get sick of training on a trainer. It works for me and I feel myself getting stronger on the trainer plus it is easier to work on technique. I point my toe; bad toe…

I have now been swimming consistently for a month; it slowly coming back. Maria thought I bumped my head when  started to swim butterfly; no it is good for strength and I have always loved butterfly plus it works the core! 

My run this week is back to the appropriate zones for this time of year; does anyone ever feel like they will never be where they were at the end of the previous season?  Boy this winter is testing my PATIENCE to stick to the training and trust I will be where I need to be at the right time and TRUST in your coach. 

Today my eating was terrible; partly because I am nervous to eat anything different to avoid anymore issues.  I am out of fresh fruit and veggies at home.  (I know I should never do that.)  So i turned to my trusted cereal for dinner; I just about have that habit broken except nights like tonight when I do not have anything else and all my frozen soups/casseroles are gone.  Baby steps...

Off to bed for a little rest before swim!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Digestive Saga Continues

Since Jan. 1; I have had 4 days normal days.  The rest have been dealing with digestive issues and the pain associated.  I can not explain why the frequency has increased again.  I have not changed my eating; except getting better.  Hummus was my new recipe for the week.  I was amazed how easy it is to make and yummy but I could only enjoy the first recipe.   So now on to keeping a log of all I eat and how I feel.  My goal is for the next 7 days and see if I can find a culpit to my issues.  
Off to bed!

Friday, January 8, 2010

January Week 1 of 2010

Wow, the week was long compounded by long hours at work all week plus a long Thursday night at work with an issue that I was involved with until 2 AM then back up at 6 AM for work all day Friday.  I hate nights like that; it effects my sleep, immune system, and training for days.  I was not able to complete any workouts today (a lift and yoga was planned for today), it became rest day for me.  In addition, I may have had gluten sometime during the week so I was dealing with the effects of that on my body. 

I did make a successful loaf of gluten free bread today.  It was almost a mistake because of being so tired I used a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon of xanthan gum.  I caught it and was able to remove most of the mistake; then the dough was a little wet so I about 1/4 cup of buckwheat flour and it helped with the moist dough plus added a little nutty taste to the bread.  The bread was really good; moist, airy and the best loaf I have made to date. YUM.

What should i do for my new recipe this week.  I have this weekend to figure it out.  Maybe a soup because of the cold weather...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Work

Back to work today but thanks to all the friends and family that made 2009 holidays special.  I feel rested and excited for 2010 both professionally and personally.  I know that work is going to busy along with the continual challange of balancing a professional life and being a triathlete.  Not an easy challange.

My challange for this year which is a continuation from last year but a little easier.  I will make at
least one new recipe a week.  (Last year was an ingredient but became harder than I imagined and did not last all year; I think I made it to May or June.)  A new recipe/week will be easier.  This week I want to find something for Kris's new cast iron grill and for me to use my new food processor.  yum...  I can not wait to try my new recipe.  I want to do this to expand my cooking horizon and learn more about cooking.  My only fear is it to  become a drag when I am tired from 100+ mile bike rides but like doing a triathlon; cooking and training is all about planning.

Goals for this week:
1. Back in the pool - yes I have been extremely lazy about swimming.  It has been so cold and I hate getting in a cold pool when it is so cold outside.  I know excuses.
2. Lifting again, my flu and holidays also reduced the "official" lifting but with all my work around my condo over the holiday I think it counts for something. 

I moved a workout around today and did my run in the cold.  It is colder here in Nashville than it was when I was home over the holidays.  AUGH!  I guess people in here are not use to people running when it is cold because as I my run someone yelled at me, are you crazy... are you not cold?  Hello, of course I am; but as a friend always tells me there are not bad weather days but bad gear days.  I was perfectly dressed today.  With the head wind; my wind jacked needed to be fully zipped; with the tail wind I could unzip a little.  The run was a different story, glad it was an easy zone 1-2 run but I crept into zone 3 on the hills.  HR is a little high for the pace.  Now that it has been 2 weeks since being sick, the run is coming around again.  Consistency is important now. 

Yippee!  I got in the pool today.  It was short and easy but back in the water.  Triceps hurt, felt like I had no feel for the water and could not even think about holding an interval.  I hate coming back to swimming; it is always painful but it is quicker each time. 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Hello to 2010.  I am excited for this year; it is going to be a year of changes for me that brings me both sadness and excitement. 

The past few days have made me feel like I am training again and back from the 2 weeks off because of the flu. I still have not been in the pool; but not because I have not tried but the pool was closed.  On Monday, I will get back in the pool.  Today was going to be a mountain bike day but the cold weather deterred us from doing a long mountain bike outside so about a 2 hour indoor trainer ride won today.  Darn, not as much fun as mountain biking.

Monday is back to work.  (Of course, I had to work a lot over the holiday but it could always be worse.)

Happy New Year!