Friday, November 19, 2010

Miss you....

I am back; as most engineers I have a problem with writing and posting something unless it is perfect. Trying to let that go; I will blog again. I have met so many people the past year and move this is a great way to keep friends and family up on my new adventure in Atlanta, GA with Kris.

The Florida race report is coming... but I have to say thanks again to Erin Baker's for all the awesome support this crazy season; Kestrel, awesome bike that feels as an extension of my body; Todd for getting me setup on it; Speedfil, safest way for me to get fluids; Blueseventy, a wetsuit that allows me to swim as a swimmer; Nuun, I live on these in the summer; Sugoi, love the tri outfit. Last my coach deserves a huge shutout for putting up with the obstacles I encounter and helping me find a detour to get to a destination. It was a great year and being on a team is a wonderful experience to meet new people and cheer for throughout the year!

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