Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello Sunshine

Hi Sunshine... it was so nice for you to come and stay so many of us could bike today.  The first time outside in many weeks for most.  I realized it was since September since I road on the trace; so Kris and I headed there for the morning.  The trace is great training no stop signs or turns and it is constantly up and down but nothing terrible.  I love it, most of the time the motorist are forgiving to the cyclist.  Today, they had to just understand the 100s of cyclist out was because of the fabulous weather.  It was great hearing the birds chirp and seeing multiple wildlife enjoying the weather also. 

It was a good long ride, the longest of 2010!  The lesson for today (and yesterday) is around food.  I seem to be having a hard time not feeling ill effects of not enough fuel.  Today, yes the sun was shinning but since I had to start so early I had 4 layers on and gloves, that would be gone later; I had a hard time getting to my food in my jersey.  So I had a difficult time eating because when it is cold liquid calories are also hard to take.  I was okay but could tell I was low on calories on my last few tempo efforts; then the brick run and I realize 2 miles into it; I was definitely bonking. Fortunately, it was short 3.5 mile.  How do you eat with all the layers? 

The best part about the run was my valentine's gift!  Yes, a new pair of running shoes, pink of course and my feet love them!  Nothing like putting on a new pair of shoes.  Thanks Kris, you know what makes me smile.  (Along with the yummy German Chocolates and Swarovski crystal flowers they make me smile, too.)  I like it when you travel around Valentines day!

I hope the Nashville cycling community enjoyed to weather today and cherished being out on your as much as I did!  Now to some food and Olympics.

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