Thursday, March 25, 2010

Has it been a month?

Wow, where did March go?  I am so guilty of not blogging; but a lot has happened since Feb. 24th. 

Kris and I got engaged.  Since we live in 2 different timezones; we need to start thinking about the future maybe getting us into the same timezone.  Lots more to come on that topic.  Plus a wedding...

I ran a 10K and was the fastest old person; I won the 35-39 female age group.  Wow, those top 5 girls are fast.  I just do not have it in me to run that fast; for instance I ran the 10K at a faster pace than a 5K a month earlier.  Yes there are MANY factors but still; i just can not run fast just strong longer.  Must work on getting the strong run faster.  :)  Unfortunately, during that 10K I rolled an ankle; BIG SURPRISE and ended up with a hurt knee.  So a few weeks of no, to easy running again.  But is doing better everyday with a run today so decided to race Powerman. 

Because of the hurt knee, I was lucky enough to get to swim and swim and swim.  So, the swimming is coming along nicely.  It will not help much for this weekend, a duathlon.  I am not sure why i take out my best event in the multi-sport and try to race it.  I know... to have fun and practice my transitions; since I usually get a manicure and pedicure during T1 and T2. 

I am looking forward to some spring weather; hoping the in like a lion out like a lamb in March is true.  My dishwasher is looking like spring and increase training...full of water bottles.  Bring on some warmth.

Comment from someone at work the other day that I have pondered --- "Why do you always eat so healthy; your already lean?"  Why is eating healthy viewed as way to be thin, can we just like to eat that way and know it is better lifestyle?   Sorry i am not eating the 5lb bag of M&Ms. 

Lastly, Shelby and Thomas have a great race this weekend in California.  I will be cheering for you from TN!  Also, all the Dynamo peeps doing California best of luck to you!   Have fun out there!