Monday, November 22, 2010

Off-season Weekend!

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Kris and I love to be outside; so as we move from the triathlon season into “rebuilding” not much has changed other than the surface. We are remaining active by hitting the trails and playing in the dirt. Kris spends so a lot of time with me on the roads; it is his turn to do what he enjoys. Saturday was blast with Allen and Sarah; her first time on a MTB in many years. It was great fun and confirmed I am not a beginner anymore; I moved up a very small step. YIPPEE! Sarah did great of course; being the amazing cyclist that she is on the road the trails were no problem. We even let the boys go play in the more advanced area while we just hung out in the woods. Only crash was me, big surprise, we hit a large rocky stream crossing; and person in front hit their brakes; I hit my brakes but of course I go down HARD. My knee pads, elbow pads and helmet are worth every penny. That was the only fall of the weekend! The only lingering effects is some whiplash from my head hitting the rock. OUCH! Sunday was up ready for more; this time to Chicopee! Some awesome trails; except 2 straight days on a hard tail makes for a sore back. The last couple miles, I was having discussion with every root jostling me all over the place. At the end, a blast was had and ready for the next ride. For everyone out there who had a long season; stay active but keep it fun!

A picture of me getting all my gear on with a comment from a guy, “Hey your the girl with the pink pads at Yargo yesterday!” Yes that is me, and I will wear as much protection as possible to keep me safe. I am way to klutzy not to have protection.

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