Monday, February 8, 2010

5K and Hockey!

Coach had a local 5K planned for me on Saturday.  I felt eager to go run something and prove to myself the fitness is coming back, slowly.  The weather was not promising but Kris decided he wanted to run it.  (A.K.A. he wanted to go to the hockey game that was included with the race entry.  What do you expect with a Canadian?)   The weather was a cold, windy day in Nashville but something you could dress for easily.  So we had a little coffee and almond butter, gluten-free homemade toast, and off to downtown.  We registered and claimed our hockey tickets; and of course Kris is going to pay $10 extra for lower bowl tickets; then he was picky on where we sat.  He wanted more center ice; I am okay with it.  Just come on, if I am going to do this thing I need to warm-up a little.  So off to warm-up and remove some of the outer layers of cloths; OMG it was cold.  Added a layer back, okay it is only a 5K if I heat up it is short.  Reminder next time; more of a warm-up.  I maybe ran 1.5 mile; not enough for a 5K for me.  Heck, I am certain I was never warmed-up.  Not my best and not my worst, actually I have ran faster off the bike but it is early season and I am about where I am expecting myself after all the time off with illness and holiday!   Kris also had the same feelings about his race; he did well 1st in age group and I was 2nd in my age group.  Congrats to all you fast girls out there.  Then those little conversations in your head, I wish I new how to run a 5K well, what do I need to do; Kris told me turn off the brain. Just not going to happen; I am an engineer.  I analyze everything; turning off the brain is not possible.  (That is why I like ironman; i get to analyze all day long!)

After the run, we were walking to the car and Country Music Hall of Fame was free for the day.  Well, never been there; we decided to go walk around for a while to loosen the legs and get warm.  It was interesting; and I learned about country music history.  I enjoyed looking at some of the outfits including the boots; even back then clothes were extravagant.  It was fun but I had to get to my trainer ride if I was going to complete it so we could go to the hockey game. 

So no talking Kris into a 2.5 - 3 hour trainer ride; so I got on it with the 1st hour keeping it light and enjoy the real video from Kona on the computrainer.  (Trying to have warm thoughts to warm up!)  Then about 1.5 into the ride; the tempo efforts on my flat course.  I love the tempo efforts they made the next hour fly by; except the last minute of each of the efforts.  (Meanwhile, Kris worked on the honey-do list; so it was a win-win.)  

The hokey game was great, we had seats 7 rows off the ice and mid-ice to the side that the Predetors would be for 2 of 3 periods.  I do not understand why the competitors fight; but I guess when you are in close contact with someone constantly it could bother you and need to throw a punch.  I guess sort of like and ironman swim start; we do not intend to hit anyone but if someone is constantly hitting me or grabbing me; I will kick harder or swim much wider.  Maybe it is just human nature; I just find it funny when they will fight in the middle of the game and referees just stand and watch.  We enjoyed the game but decided that it was time to go home after the game; it was a fun filled day and we needed rest.  Then work called; another late night but had a great Saturday and coach thanks for the 5K.

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