Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Food Prep for the Week

I spent the evening preparing food for the busy week.  My goal for the week is to eat as little processed food as possible including not buying the bagged lettuce, baby carrots, sliced cheese, making my own salad dressings, etc.  It is challanging with work and training; but want to reduce preservatives and I think it will save some $$.  (Since I have planned a few high cost races this year; some savings is a plus.)  I realize how easy it is to really make food that I have a habit of buying with a little plannying for example; over the past couple weeks, my latest obsession has been making homemade hummus.  Many different kinds, sun-dried tomato, roasted red pepper, jalapeno (Kris likes hot food.) plus avocados are on sale so I made some guacamole this week.  Yum, a great condiment for any carb. 

Some ways to make it easier for the week:
1. Peal and cut carrots
2. Slice & chop celery, peppers, onions, broccoli
3. Cube and slice cheese into serving size
4. Grill extra chicken breast
5. Cook extra servings of rice.  (Also have left over polenta from last night.)
6. Prepare & mix different lettuce & spinach for side salads at lunch for the next couple days.
7. Prepare water bottle with Hammer Recoverite, just add water for after training.
8. Seperate vitamins for each day.  This helps me remember if I have taken the vitamin and saves time in the morning.
9. Mix plain low-fat yogart with frozen berries in individual cups.
10. Prepare oatmeal add cinnamon and raisins for breakfast at work.
11. Put dips in serving size containers for a quick snack

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