Sunday, February 14, 2010

Long Run

My long run was gorgeous with light snow.   I tried something different; I did not eat before my run so I started on empty and decided to eat my gel at about 5 miles.  I usually do not take a gel until much later in the run.  It worked; I did not have any issues with taking it a little early and I seemed to have a stronger run toward the end of the run.  Have to keep expermenting for stronger finishes. 

On the swim front, I did not realize how terrible I am.  Ashley filmed me and my body is all over the water; I wiggle, wiggle through the water... my head that moves up and down; my body does the same.  I tried to hold my head down and still; wow the body did not move.  Just one more thing to think about; holding my head down and still.  AUGH. 

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