Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Swimming Check; Lift delay

No lift for today; my challange for this week has been flexibility.  I will hopefully can get it in on Friday plus a swim on Friday because my swim was cancelled due to weather. 

It was so great swimming with Excel tonight; our swim did not tickle tonight.  It was fun splitting the lane with Jerry; sorry if I hit you a few times particularly on the butterfly.  My swim was tough and I think Ashley made it harder on me by adding fly.  I can not lift my arms and tomorrow i have a bike TT plus still have some fatigue from last weekend and lifting; HELLO training and I love it.

For a fun set
400, 300, 200, 100
2x25 fly
4x25 fly
200, 100
6x25 fly

Those last 8 - 25s were tough; focus on technique and moving hips to even be able to complete them.

Time to rest for a morning bike TT.

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