Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cancer Stinks

Today, was another reminder of keeping everything in perspective and we do not know the future.  Earlier this year, the day after Ironman Louisville to be exact I found out a very close person to me had ovarian cancer.  (It was hidden from me to not effect my race.)  This hit me pretty hard because I do not live near her to help out or be there for her.  I was told not to change my newly developed plans to go compete in Kona.  Since then, I have talked to her a few times but most of the time she does not feel well and does not talk about it much.

So today... I am talking to my mom and found out an old friend from home has breast cancer.  I do not understand why?  The good news is they were able to get all the cancer but...what? why?   This news has hit me hard and reminding me to appreciate my loved ones plus it is time to make some important decision for my future. 

Back to my off-season, today was the first time I did a same day run and bike.  I am surprised how tiring it is right now.  I had strong sessions for both of them; but after the bike I felt the familiar training fatigue.  My run pace & HR are right where I expect it for low-mid zone 2 and for the bike the power/HR was the same nothing to crazy out of control.  Tomorrow Swimming... More Butterfly?

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