Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Ohio

Kris and I traveled to Ohio for Christmas at my parents house; since they do not have Internet access at their house and I did not have time to go to a cafe to log on so no blogging during this time. 
It was a year since I was in Ohio and able to visit with family.  It was a great holiday with the family.  My 9 year old nephew (Logan) was spoiled; and his aunt helped with the spoiling.  It amazes me that a 9 year old can put together a Lego star wars with over 800 pieces in less than 4 hours.  I could not sit that long and have that type of concentration but it worked great while we were getting dinner ready he worked on the Lego set.  I was able to get him outside a little to run around 2 blocks with Kris and I.  He has a great little sprint/blocking action at the end.  I could not get around him on the sidewalk and he beat me.  I call a rematch!  I enjoyed spending time with Logan; they grow so quickly that we have to take advantage of the time we have with loved ones. 
It was my first gluten free Christmas, a fresh ham, butternut squash risotto; ripen goat cheese with berries & gluten free crackers (was going to do apples but ran out of time); fruit salad, veggie tray with hummus, cranberry applesauce, quinoa salmon salad were the gluten free menu and my sister brought sweet potato casserole and potato salad.  The dinner was good; but it was a little different for my family.  So thanks to my family for being understanding with my situation.  (However, they still do not entirely understand that I just can not "pick" out the crust.)
From the training front, I was able to get a few runs in last week and a couple short bikes which was good after 2 weeks of NOTHING.  The training is back but feeling a little sad because prior to the flu I was starting to feel good running and swimming.  The running is coming back but I have not be in the water in about 3 weeks because of flu and traveling.  I hope it comes back quick; I think my swimming comes back faster than someone who is not a swimmer by background. 

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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