Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Recap Bike Training

I look back at 2009 and I think about the break through I had on my bike training.  I knew I needed to step up my bike training for 2009 to be competitive at Ironman Lake Placid.  Well, I did step it up with a few falls along the way.

It started with a camp in Tuscon at the Cycling House with frineds who train with my coach, Kathleen.  The trip was a huge success ending with a climb up Mt. Lemon 6,000’ +; 36 mile climb up.  I loved the challange and most everyone in the group successfully climbed it.  It is one of those climbs that just goes on forever but if you pace yourself and stick with it you can make it up.  Kris paced me up the climb; at times riding ahead and coming back for me but never leaving me for to long.  At the end it was Brenden with me (so Kris could ride ahead), to keep my spirts up through the end of the climb.  1st climbing training complete and much more to come.

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