Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thursday was a great day of biking and cooking.  Mountain biking was great; we hit the entire trail system at Chicopee including the advanced.  I can now say there is nothing I can not ride there.  It was a fun and challanging 2.5 hours of MTB when we included the advanced trail.  Copperhead has a lot more roots both up and down hill; a little rough on a hard tail.  I was able to ride faster through the corners on the easier trail once we did the copperhead successfully.  No real falls and not many foot down.  YIPPEE! 

Next came dinner, I had prepared in advance as much as I could but we still had 2.5 hours of solid cooking.  We had a great time preparing everything for our little Thanksgiving.  Unbelievable, everything turned out.  Kris did great on the risotto, constant stirring.  A perfect meal to a perfect day... except had to make due with serving dishes that a bachelor has...

Next day 3.5 hours of mountain biking then this...  (BTW, no real falls again!!!)

Needed food and entire body was shaking, how did I do Kona less than 2 months ago and 3.5 hours of MTB destroyed me.  I think it is using all those fast twitch muscles, to get over the roots and stuff. 

I still missed my family this weekend but the two days MTB were perfect with Kris.

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