Monday, December 14, 2009

Flu Continued

On Saturday I started to feel better but by Sunday; I had new symptoms and yuck.  On Sunday, I had planned to do an easy spin and swim to get back into training; that did not happen.  But some good news, fever is still gone but it is replaced with cough and sinus congestion and continued headache. So now 5 days of no training & I have had it with not feeling well.  4 days in bed; now 3 days of basically no activity except working (at a computer), baking, and decided to finish Christmas shopping on-line.  I am ready to feel better.
I decided after going to the doctor, again, and getting more prescriptions; I would help out the medications with a little good food.  (Which is normal, but last week I did not eat much but canned soup.)  I threw together a yummy fruit salad with blackberries, mango, blueberries, and bananas.  It is really good and feels great on the throat. YUM!

For dinner, I needed more help from food.  Lentil casserole I made on Sunday; Chicken I grilled on Saturday and a fridge full of veggies.  Baby bok choy or peppers & onions?  I did the tried and true; onions, peppers, garlic and threw in some cherry tomatoes.   A decent little dinner to help kill these little bugs running around in my body.

The last thing I did in the kitchen today is baked a few small loafs of banana bread - gluten free.  Wow, I had a small slice a few moments ago.  It is fabulous, it is moist and feels like I am eating bread with wheat flour.  Now, I will freeze 3 of the 4 mini loaves.  I am excited to see how they freeze.  (This will help during the season when my training greatly reduces my time in the kitchen.)

I love cooking, baking, experimenting; it is a way for me to be creative and it becomes a science project to me; sometimes they are good sometimes bad. No one needs to know about my absolute failures in the kitchen but I love to share with all when it does turn out. Kris does not to mind both success and failures.  Just received a call from Kris; he is done with his world tour for Winter 2009.   It is nice to have him back in the country.   Time to get some rest with hopes that my body will fights the little bugs getting me down. 

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