Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Swimming like Dolphins

When did triathletes start doing butterfly?  I thought we only knew how to swim freestyle; darn this off-season is throwing me some surprises.  I choose the wrong day to start actually swimming (not just using swimming to stay loose) after my transition period.  Weights/Abs Tuesday, then Wednesday a swim workout completely around butterfly; what kind of sick joke? Butterfly with a pull buoy, WHAT!!  Thanks goodness that was short.  I am not even sure how far I swam today but I did experience something that I very rarely feel in swimming; muscular fatigue.  Stroke was going to crap at the end of the practice so started to think about all the lovely dolphins that I saw in Kona and try to use the abs and back more to lift my arms out of the water.  It worked, I finished.  There has it... I am back swimming a real workout.   On a side note, kudos to Ashley for teaching all the triathletes other strokes and trying to fix all my butterfly flaws I learned XX years ago.  If you ever need to add a little ab work in; just dolphin kick on your back.  A great little ab work!

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