Friday, December 9, 2011

12 Days of Illness

I hate whining but my last 12 days have had zero cheer; except maybe for the brief time I had narcotics at the hospital for the headache. (I hate drugs but needed it to lesson the pain.)
On a different note, I know that the Today Show is on from 7am-11am; who is commentator each hour; and when they show the local news and weather.  At least, I did get some holiday shopping, cooking and fashion tips during this time.  TV was about the only thing that I could do; reading or computer work was virtually  impossible because I could not lift my head. 

What did I have?  Some virus and sinus infection but because of the high fever and severe headache my doctor sent me to emergency to get checked for meningitis based on negative strep and flu test.  Fortunately, this came out negative but they did find a lovely sinus infection and felt I had a virus.  So after fluids, pain killers and some rest they sent me home with the usual instructions.  Happy to leave the hospital to rest in my own bed. 

I have had terrible sinus headaches; but lucky me the spinal tap fluid leaked compounding the pain.  (It was described to me as fluid leaking and my brain does not have as much padding.) OMG, no pain medication helped.  After 2 days, doctor call to follow-up and told me to go back to the emergency.  I waited another 1.5 days and could not take the pain any longer.  Off to the emergency room again... drugs, fluids and a blood patch later.  Back at home the headache was bearable and I finally did rest but then the fever spiked again.  After more rest, liquids...I finally feel like I fought this little bug.
Thursday came and it felt like Christmas...  I received a gift of some energy; so what would any endurance athlete do?   I did an easy spin for about 45 minutes; first workout since Saturday, November 26. Missing this much training is somewhat none ideal for Ironman training.  I monitored my body closely; definitely not 100% my HR was in upper zone 1-2 and I was spinning very easy.  My number one concern is trying to start to soon then back sick; so careful easy workouts and taking quite a few steps back in training plan is on my schedule for a couple weeks. But I would rather not go through my past 2 weeks EVER again; and I will be back to full training soon enough.

Now time to get ready for Christmas!  I am soooooo excited to spend my 1st Christmas with my husband in our own home.  Now off to decorate the house... here is what I did last night before bed to prepare for the tree this weekend. 

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  1. Sounds miserable!! Glad you are finally feeling better!