Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking back at 2011

Thinking back over 2011, it was a year of change for me... moving, marriage, job; a complete life change that has made me the happier than ever.  (Well, maybe not ship my race wheels with UPS to Kona, HI.)

Top 5 Experiences for 2011
1. Marrying my best friend, the greatest day of my life.

2. Spending month in Kona including a fabulous honeymoon on the Big Island after a race that had a mechanical issues but there is no finish line like running down Alii and sharing the experience with family and friends.

3. Surprise visit to see my mom while she was on vacation in Charleston.  This vacation was the last time she felt normal in 2011 after dealing with shingles then falling breaking her shoulder; I appreciate the moments I get to spend with my family.  Okay, this picture is not from this time in Charleston but from getting ready for the wedding.

4. Running Louisville Marathon with friends, Shelby and Sarah.  Sharing a race experience with friends can not be beat; what an awesome experience.  Can not believe I have no pictures from the fun filled weekend!

5. Biking in the North GA mountains.  I am blessed to have the mountains so close to enjoy with friends.  One of the first rides I ever did with Kris was here; he had patience to practically have to walk his bike up each of the gaps.  Now this year, I managed to drop him a few times this year climbing; okay he was injured but I have to take the victories from him when I can!!

Top Lessons Learned
1. True family and friends will support you on your decisions; if they do not it is their issue to work through not yours.
2. Never give up.  Such a cliche and easy to say until you are faced with adversity and want to stop.
3. Hard to follow own advice.  Advice that I have give many times, I did not follow myself. 
4. Late nights are not good for my health.  My circadian rhythm gets thrown off ...I get ill.  Each time I have been sick over the past few years I can usually track it back to requiring working through the night.

Now that chapter 2011 is closed; it will be remembered as a year with some of the most memorable moments of my life and a few I would rather forget.  Thanks to everyone who played a role!

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